Celebs that Can't get Enough Pilates!

Lets get some A-list inspo going!! These Celebrities know that Pilates helps shape a camera ready physique!

1. Anna Faris told InStyle that Pilates completely changed her body!

2. Cameron Diaz does a mixture of cardio weight training and Pilates to keep her amazing figure!

3. Mandy Moore does pilates 3 to 4 times a week and says it helps her achieve a sense of balance, good

health and happiness!

4. Megan Fox told interviewers she does an “immense amount of pilates” to stay in shape!

5. Sandra Bullock relied on Pilates while training for her role in The Proposal, where the goal was to look strong but keep a feminine physique!

6. Chelsea Handler said "I was a fitness fiasco — until I found Pilates… It's been the most gentle on my body… I'm longer and leaner and much more graceful. I can honestly say it's changed my body — and my life."

7. Hilary Duff says Pilates is one of her favorite work outs!

8. Liv Tyler included Pilates in her workout regimen to lose the baby weight and is still spotted going to the studio regularly!


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